The 4th annual "Imagine You" conference planning is underway. We will continue to host the conference in two locations this year: Irving, Texas and Jackson, Mississippi. The conference is geared towards middle and high school girls and is aimed at promoting health and wellness, career and personal development and positive self-images. Last year, participants attended three sessions:

1. Girls Get Fit: Participants learned about making healthy food choices and participated in Zumba
2. Girls Against Bullying: Participants learned the psychological aspects related to bullying, why people become bullies, how to prevent and overcome it
3. Girl Bosses: Entrepreneurship 101: Participants learned how to come up with a concept and ideas for starting a business. 

The 2018 conference topics are under development and are sure to be exciting! Keep checking back for details. 

Conference locations and dates: 

-Irving, Texas March 3rd, 2018 at Lively Pointe Youth Center.
-Jackson, Mississippi, April 7st, 2018 at UMMC conference Center in the Jackson Medical Mall. 

Continental breakfast, lunch, t-shirts, conference bags and select door prizes will be provided. The event is FREE of charge to those who attend. 


Donation Details:

The estimated budget to host both conferences is $7,530 (approx 160 young ladies), which includes the above mentioned items as well as space rental, decorations, speaker gifts, etc. Please consider donating to enrich the lives of the young ladies who attend. If you have a preference to which conference you'd like to support, please let us know.

Your donation is tax-exempt as it will be a donation to the non-profit organiation: Sims Foundation of H.O.P.E.  In addition, if you prefer to send a check, you may send to: Sims Foundation of H.O.P.E. P.O. Box 5651, Brandon, MS 39047. 
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